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Heritage BIM Solutions

Our team is ready to help you document, model, and create stunning virtual assets of your historic building our structure. Our team deeply understands the challenges that come with restoring or renovating historic structures and is prepared to help your team document, model, and create stunning visualizations of your structure. Together, we change what it means to preserve the past. 

Our Solutions

  • Laser scanning
  • Creation of 3D models
  • Animations & Tours
  • AR/VR environments
  • Renderings
  • Advising
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Capabilities at your fingertips


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Laser Scanning

A digital survey of your site or space is crucial when renovating or restoring historic buildings. Older structures do not typically follow contemporary building processes and often are constructed of different materials. Degradation and erosion over the years can also complicate obtaining accurate measurements. Our team is here to help you create the most accurate as-built documentation possible.
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Animations & Tours

We create first and third person animations of your historic structure. Our team can also help you create platforms so that digital visitors from around the world can view your facility from the comfort of their own homes. Fly through key areas of your environment - from aerial to pedestrian views. Show sequencing of past iterations, visualize in different conditions, or use tracked motion graphics to highlight specific details. 

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Revit Modeling

Our industry-experienced Architecture staff is your modeling team. Our team has the technical skills and flexibility to quickly engage on creating models of your existing conditions. Whether you are starting a renovation and preserving the look and feel of the facade and other historic elements, or are undergoing a full restoration, our team has the background and skill to deliver the modeling services you need.

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