Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire Protection


Intelligent Models = Intelligent Drawings

We provide prefabrication, fabrication model development, and coordination for subcontractors. Let our team help you find the right path to transforming construction documents into fabrication-ready information using industry-leading BIM technology applied to MEP construction and MEP clash detection.

We develop, coordinate, and upgrade your models to help you reach the most cost effective solution.

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Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, & Fire Protection Drawings

Everything built to your standard



We model and convert your HVAC system design into a 3D intelligent model. We offer solutions adapted to your building requirements and needs, maximizing efficiency. We meet code requirements and standards. 

We provide the required level of details ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500.



Helping you solve your electrical design model puzzles is what we do best. Giving technical support to meet code requirements and deliver your finished final intelligent 3D model for electrical equipment and components including data and communication systems.  We are a true extension of your team.  


Our engineers help you avoid construction surprises, ensuring that materials and models are used efficiently. We carefully develop plumbing BIM models to coordinate with other trades helping you to integrate your overall model plan. 


Fire Protection

We provide high-quality modeling systems to meet your specific needs as well as assist you during the construction process. We are specialists in creating a 3D fire protection model from your initial 2D designs all the way through the construction stage. 

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Mer Carlino

Senior Manager

Meet our team

Our industry-experienced team is ready to take on the demands of your projects. MEP construction and MEP clash detection just one call away.

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Muriel Bollada
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Jesus Carbajal
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Sandra Carreño
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Rocio Chanampa
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Marcelo Comas
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Soledad Gonzalez
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Paula Martino
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Fernando Paredes
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Florencia Romero
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Marcela Sanchez
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Eugenia Sciola
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Agustin Viada
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Federico Weizetfel

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Our team is a true extension of your office.