2021, the year of BIM for All.

Leading with a Limerick

This is the first of many announcements we will be making this year. Our mantra here has been: Nothing is sacred. Go try something new. We know that BIM will change the world. More people should be using it. The only way to make that happen is to help everyone know BIM better. There’s no better way to start building awareness than a limerick, but first, we hope this has intrigued you enough to sign up for our blog!

While our data is segmented in silos

Progress is kept slow by who knows

So excuse our gall

Why not BIM for all

Where our data freely flows



Why Voyansi

We believe building information enables a more attuned life with the environment we build. Every day, millions of construction, design, or operation decisions are made on woefully incomplete data. We have a shared responsibility for our spaces. With better information, every stakeholder makes better decisions.

The power of BIM should be accessible to all. Anyone can benefit from better information about their space. New concepts seem daunting. Yet we know data-driven workflows are the future. We’re here to make the complex clear. As a group of engineers, architects, builders, and operators of space, we have leveraged the transformational power of BIM. We are ready to begin that voyage again, this time with you.

How will we accomplish this?

We created Voyansi to help our customers in three ways.

  • Powerful Partnerships
  • Workflow Fluency
  • Tactical Technology

These aren’t just words. Voyansi is a fundamental reorganization of how we help you answer the question "What is BIM?" and allow you to adopt BIM technology. Your problem is our problem. Our new partnership and customer success model is based on knowledge sharing and a deep services bench that flexes with your needs.

Our purpose this year is clear: BIM for all. Combining AEC Lab & AEC Resource into Voyansi is just the beginning. Our future is one best explored with forward-looking partners. BIM Subscriptions are the first of many new ways you can tap into our BIM and services expertise. 

The team we’ve gathered and the culture we’ve established builds a unique fluency. Our river of knowledge hooks and weaves across diverse domains. Bringing BIM to the world requires a broad variety of stakeholder voices. Our team comes from industries such as property management, environmental social governance, and real estate technology. This enables an elevated perspective of the landscape, finding new value opportunities for data applications from project inception to ongoing operation.

Technology is inevitable. This year, our team is building around a progressive approach to BIM adoption. In March, we will be releasing the first of many tools built by those passionate about the intersection of buildings and technology.

We’re committed to our philosophy of building together. Our tool is open source and free to everyone, built with you in mind. 2021 truly will be the year of BIM for All!

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