BIM 🌎 Tour: Full interview with Gabi Kozameh

Our visit to New Jersey included more than just steaks: Gabi has a long history in Voyansi, and her years of experience, in addition to working abroad, have transformed her into a highly skilled professional and a great person to interview.

So, after we ate and caught up on our personal lives, it was time to address a few of our favorite topics. Of course, you have already seen a snippet of our conversation, but there are many more things to see.

A typical New York bar was the perfect setting for our talk. Surrounded by an environment that almost resembles normality as we knew it, many topics were discussed: Her experience abroad, the pandemic, and a vast and interesting etcetera. 

So, without any further introduction, check out the full interview here!

Our talk with Gabi


We will be interviewing more interesting people, so don’t miss our blog updates! From Punta Cana to Mexico, many interesting people sat with us to share their insight and experience with the BIM world. This has just begun!

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