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Grupo Comgrap y Voyansi anuncian alianza estratégica para revolucionar la industria chilena con innovación tecnológica de nivel mundial

[Santiago de Chile, Lunes 4 de Marzo de 2024] - Grupo COMGRAP, el reseller platinum exclusivo de productos Autodesk en Chile, se complace en anunciar una emocionante alianza estratégica con Voyansi, líder en tecnologías BIM enfocada en la innovación dentro de la industria de proyectos, construcción y operaciones. Esta colaboración promete transformar la industria chilena con soluciones tecnológicas de vanguardia y reconocimiento mundial.

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Voyansi y Arquicad anuncian alianza estratégica para revolucionar la Industria AEC

Voyansi, líder en soluciones tecnológicas para la industria de Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Construcción (AEC) y Partner Gold de Autodesk, está orgulloso de anunciar su alianza estratégica con Arquicad, un referente en la provisión de software Autodesk y productos relacionados desde 1989. Esta colaboración simboliza un avance significativo en el compromiso con la innovación y la excelencia en el servicio al cliente.

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RedBuilt and Voyansi - A Story of Digital Transformation

Picture this scenario:  You are one of the largest companies in the wood and engineering industry and you want to become more efficient by speeding up your processes. This means redefining practically all of your workflows to fit new demands. They know it's one of those jobs where there's much to be gained if done right, yet much to lose if the results do not meet expectation.

This was the scenario facing RedBuilt and they turned to Voyansi to ensure the project was a success. 

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BIM Ownership 101

Implementing BIM. It sounds challenging, scary even. Maybe it's on your radar, but the budget is not yet approved and you are still planning. There is a vast unknown ocean you are about to dive into, what kind of monsters lie in wait? Rework, lost productivity, expense, or additional effort are all lurking out there in the depth. 

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Generative Design in Revit 2021

As with years past, Autodesk has once again launched a new version of Revit. This new version contains many features that users have been waiting for in previous versions, such as the possibility to create slanted walls or realistic 3D walk-throughs. We will be focusing on a feature that we think will open up a lot of doors for designers that are leveraging BIM in their workflows: Project Refinery, an Autodesk generative design solution.

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10 things you should know about Forge API

The software team at Voyansi spent the last week exploring the Forge API at Forge Accelerator Cloudville. It was an incredible experience coding along with the help of the Forge team. We learned a ton and walked away inspired.

Here are 10 things we learned that we think any company looking to incorporate Forge into a part of their workflow should know. Forge API is a powerful tool capable of revolutionizing the design process. To realize its full potential, teams have to adjust how they collaborate and companies have to change how they look at their design production process.

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