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Barrio 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Case Study Barrio 31: Team collaboration in Revit - Part 1

Photo: "Villa 31, Buenos Aires, Argentina" by Christoph Wesemann

Recap: This post is the 1st installation of our series of blog posts covering the Barrio 31 Project. Villa 31, one of the largest poverty stricken neighborhoods in Argentina is undergoing a massive renewal into an official city neighborhood: "Barrio 31". Key project challenges include a lack of as-built documentation; the scope and size of measurements needed; short project timeline; and need for quality and consistency of data during hand-off. Our post today covers the development of custom applications to reduce manual effort in measurement & design.

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Access to the Lab

I can remember my days in chemistry class when everyone would have to either partner up to complete an experiment or go at it alone. At the beginning of the school year, students would quickly grab a partner and, for the most part, pick someone from their inner circle of friends. I would be a little more "tactical" when choosing partners for a couple of reasons. First, there were classmates of mine at the time that were taking more advanced classes and had more experience that made them great partners. Second, I knew that partnering up would be a much more efficient way of attacking the assignment as one could "guide" and explain the desired outcome, and the other person on the team could perform the actual experiment and execute it.

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