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Digital Twins

Maximizing Efficiency with Digital Twins in Construction Projects

In the rapidly evolving AEC industry, the advent of digital twin technology marks a significant leap forward. This cutting-edge concept, integral to the latest AEC industry trends, introduces virtual replicas of construction projects, revolutionizing how architecture, engineering, and construction professionals approach their work. This article explores the transformative impact of digital twin software in construction, revealing how these technological marvels redefine design, construction, and project management practices.

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Digital Twin of a Healthcare Center in Córdoba

Revolutionizing Healthcare in the Public Sector with Digital Twins

In an era where technology and data converge to solve complex challenges, the Municipality of Córdoba, in partnership with Voyansi, embarked on a groundbreaking project. Their objective was to transform the city's healthcare system through the innovative application of Digital Twins, a key component in Public Healthcare Innovation.

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Making the Case for Digital Twins

The digital transformation rests in the implementation of cutting-edge technology. In the architecture, building, and engineering industries, digital twins are the representation of innovation and will to make the most out of the technology available.

We live in the information age. More than ever, the amount of data we handle in our daily operations is immense and only continues to grow. Think about it, while working “analogically” there’s so much information scattered all over different platforms that often lead to confusion and, consequently, to rescheduling and reworking.

So, what if all the information needed for the construction process could be stored in a single place? That’s what digital twins are all about, and they have a positive impact on the optimization of productivity and quality.

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