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New York City

A walk through the rain in NY

Well, the BIM World Tour’s presence in New York is still giving us much to talk about. But this time let’s talk about the weather.

Walking the streets of New York under the rain is quite a unique experience. Yes, we are aware that rain is not an uncommon phenomenon, but stick with us here. The way the water hits the pavement produces a melody that merges with the honks, the pedestrian’s babbling, and the advertisements that give voice to buildings.

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BIM 🌎 Tour: Brunch with Gabi Kozameh

Each week, on our BIM 🌎 Tour blog, we share stories from our travels. Our favorite pieces of content are those where we meet with other BIM professionals in person and share their love of the built world. Our conversation is always different, but has several key ingredients, the most important being food and drinks.

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Chelsea Market: More than Just a Mall

Continuing on our post from last week about the reuse of space & the NY high line, we stopped for lunch at the world-famous Chelsea Market: an exciting place for both tourists and locals. Situated in Chelsea, a New York neighborhood in Manhattan with a rich cultural history dating back to the 1800s. The Chelsea Market offers various interesting cultural, culinary, and social activities for both tourists and locals. After a long walk on the High Line, it was time for lunch, and also to check out one of NYC’s most expensive real estate transactions in history.

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