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Café y Conversación

It’s critically important to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when having a conversation. A few years back when I was young in my career, I remember responding in a way I felt was extremely polite: “Yes Sir.” The dour look on my colleague’s face suggested I had made an error. Turns out, while this is pretty common where I’m from in Texas, it's less so in central England. The true implication of my statement was that he was old. A grave mistake coming from a 23-year-old recent college graduate just getting started in life. 

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How to tell if the software you chose is slowing you down

Every week, new platforms emerge to help manage every aspect of the business. There never seems like the right time to hop into something new. However, this week we'll discuss the other side. Understanding where your current software ecosystem is hurting your business. These areas can be hard to detect, especially when you've been running the same systems for years. Technical debt builds up beneath the surface, and before you know it, more agile competitors are producing things at a pace that seems like magic.

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Writing down your workflows

Imagine for a minute, you're doing laundry. Everything is dry, in a basket and ready to put away. Where do you start? In my case, following the Pareto Principle, I dump the basket on the bed and head for the towels first. Once the towels are finished, I typically start with pants, then shirts, finally folding up small things such as socks, underwear, or other accessories. 

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What's your problem?

Especially in the last year, there seems to be no shortage of issues to solve in any organization. While we grapple with our internal challenges, we are also helping our customers transform their businesses. In all these experiences, a constant that we always return to is the problem definition. Understanding what we're trying to solve before we tackle it helps us prioritize and efficiently implement.

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Does it match?

Today is the first day in over a year that I will be working from somewhere other than my office. It's Monday, which means of course things are slower than normal and the urgency of a Tuesday or Wednesday has not arrived yet. Complicating matters is the fact that I haven’t had to fully dress myself in over a year. 

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Applying the Pareto Principle to Dynamo Training

Last year before AEC Lab rolled into Voyansi, we wrote about applying the Pareto Principle to software problems. To summarize in case you missed it, we discussed the fact that organizations can make large impacts by solving the biggest problems first. In summation, correctly identifying your largest “stones” or issues is your challenge. Finding the stone that represents 20% of the causality but solves the 80% of your problems.

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Building a new data ecosystem

2020 was a life-changing year, and while some things may go back to normal, we took this opportunity to have a chance to return to better than normal. The change from AEC Lab and AEC Resource to Voyansi was more than just a brand change, we fundamentally changed the way we work.

At the end of the day, we deliver data. Over the next few weeks, I'll write about how we transformed our digital ecosystem to take our first steps as a data-driven company, from end to end. We believe this is possible for any company where information work is the primary medium. Evermore so, we believe being data-driven is a requirement to survive in the incoming competitive environment. 

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BIM: The Missing Piece

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Industry 4.0.” Similar monikers have been applied to other areas, EHS 4.0 for instance. I’d like to introduce a new term: Workplace 4.0. I’m not one to create hard definitions, but in my mind, many new standards fit into Workplace 4.0: Casual wear such as jeans & a Metallica t-shirt are usually ok for a meeting; children in the workplace are a fact; sometimes the dog barks on a call and we all just smile at the innocent disruption. 

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5 Things companies can do to adjust to the new reality

On our blog, we talk a lot about techniques, workflows, and impactful industry technologies. At Voyansi, the way we manage our own work goes hand in hand with the efficiency, quality, and innovation we deliver to our customers. 2020 has been an especially tough year for operations. Traditional benefits of congregating in the same space must be insightfully produced through a digital analog. Voyansi is a company of innovators and BIM experts who don't sleep on the latest practices or techniques, and we are undergoing continuous change to make ourselves even better. In this post, we share some of our guiding principles and learnings from experience.

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Moving from Projects to Products

According to McKinsey, $265 billion in annual profits await companies that can disrupt the AEC space. Unsurprisingly, they note Industrialized Construction as one of the leading disruptors. This begs the question: What is industrialized construction, and how can we as builders, designers, or asset owners leverage this approach to become more competitive?
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