Voyansi Software - What Do We Do?

A group of people is gathered together building a software.

Voyansi and BIM Services

Voyansi is a company known for our dedication to the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the benefits it can bring to the built world.  Voyansi offers expert BIM knowledge and services throughout all stages in the built lifecycle - from conceptual ideation to design to build to maintenance to redesign/repurpose and beyond.

Voyansi’s service teams are out in the field laser scanning, converting point clouds to BIM models, building BIM models from scratch, crafting content to support the modeling process, helping our customers design best-practice BIM workflows that actually work for their unique needs and operations, and following their mission statement of “BIM for All”.  But then there is Voyansi Software.  What is it?  What does it do?

Those versed in BIM understand that BIM is a digital concept based on software, whether a proprietary platform from a big name like Autodesk, an open-source platform like Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), desktop applications, web-based capabilities, single-threaded tools, collaborative platforms, and the list goes on.  A natural conclusion is that Voyansi Software is focused on helping a customer choose, install, and configure a software platform for their needs.  Yes - Voyansi offers consulting services that can assist customers with those needs, but that is not the actual focus of our Software Team.  

The Software Team is actually here to make software, commercial or custom-crafted by Voyansi, work for our customers.  Whether you are considering a cloud-based platform like Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), enhancements/plug-ins to your commercial software like Revit or Rhino, system-to-system communication needs, custom system builds, or a myriad of other potential needs, Voyansi Software is here to support you on that aspect of your BIM journey.  Let’s explore what that means.

Setting the Stage

A group of people is gathered together interacting with software

As a customer on a BIM journey, you will be interacting with software as a core to your operations.  You cannot engage in BIM without a BIM-software package.  The commercially available platforms out there are very powerful, offering tremendous, business-changing capabilities.  They are designed and built to be general - offering capability across varied types of customers, industries, geographical regions, and a host of other differentiators.  As much as possible they try to fit the majority of a generalized set of BIM needs and requirements - and they do a good job of it.

The concern, however, is that your needs, processes, operations, and workflows are not generalized.  They are unique to you.  Every company is unique.  Two companies, physically located next door to each other, in the exact same industry and business arena will have differences originating from and driven by their history, culture, people, their own customers, what they have determined to be best practices and methods, etc.  As a result of this, the companies will have adopted BIM differently as well - there is an unlimited set of parameters, environments, technologies, and commercial software applications that will have influenced and broadened the differences between the two “twin” companies in this example.

And if every company is unique, then by extension every company’s needs and workflows are unique. It is in that uniqueness of need that the Voyansi Software Team serves our customers.

What is it that Voyansi Software does?

Naturally, when you apply a generalized piece of software to a unique set of needs, there will be functionality gaps, inefficiencies, and various pain points uncovered as the toolset is adopted.  A choice must then be made - you can attempt to change your unique needs and methods to better fit the software or you can change or even build the software to fit your needs.  This is the sandbox where the Voyansi Software Team operates!

The primary goal of our Software Team is to ease or eliminate pain points in a customer’s software-based workflow in order to increase speed, efficiency, accuracy, consistency and overall performance which results in more and better output at a reduced cost.

We base our efforts around understanding a customer’s (desired) workflow and the points of concern in that workflow.  Examples of some common needs and concerns include:

  • Complex, error-prone manual processes/calculations
  • Processes/calculations performed by multiple resources such that different people may perform the operation differently
  • Repetitive, tedious processes/calculations
  • Data sharing between systems
  • Complete, bespoke builds based on a customer’s unique needs and specification
  • Eliminating manual tasks wherever possible
  • A need for digital collaboration capabilities among your teams
  • Advanced goals and targets like embracing the “Digital Twin” concept

Voyansi Software’s focus is on making your workflow work for you rather than you having to conform your processes to a rigid workflow that may not make the most sense for your unique needs and operations.

We accomplish this via three high level groupings of services:

  • Automations
    • Adding to or extending the capabilities of an existing tool such as Revit, Civil 3D, Rhino, etc.
    • Having the system/software perform complex, error-prone, and tedious calculations and tasks
  • Interfacing/Integrating
    • Sharing data across systems and processes such that every process has the same value for a given piece of data
    • Ensuring that there is a single source of truth for a given data point so that users only need to maintain a key data point in a single location
  • Platform Builds
    • Meeting unique customer needs that cannot be solved with commercially available software

A group of people is gathered together building a software

Our goal is to enhance a customer’s workflow and meet their unique needs through the application, development, and/or modification and enhancement of software.  Once a software ecosystem is configured to meet your needs you will very quickly realize the tangible benefits it offers.  A system always performs a calculation or task the same way giving accuracy and consistency.  It does not have a bad day or misread a piece of data.  It does not burn out from repetition.  It does, however, allow the people behind it to focus their efforts on more important tasks, critical thinking, creativity, and high-level needs.

In short, we take away the tedium.

Stay tuned for more information on who Voyansi Software is, what we do, and how we do it!