Crafting a career in BIM

Webinar, August 25th 1pm ET









Mike Lee
Chief Experience Officer
Ceci Cornet-1
Ceci Cornet
Sales Engineering
Gabi Kozameh
Senior Consultant
mon 2
Monse Elaskar

Join a rapidly scaling industry!

Regardless of the age or era, the construction industry has always been a space to work with many opportunities. Today, a career in this space encompasses not just construction, but also the operation and optimization of built space. Even the 2020 COVID pandemic did not slow the industry. Today, there is one common thread that ties all aspects of designing, building, or operating space together: BIM. So, how do you get into this exciting field? 

So, how do I get into this exciting field? 

BIM is a field that connects many technologies and stakeholders. Join us for a four-part webinar where we will discuss strategies for joining the BIM industry. In this roundtable session, Voyansi Chief Experience Officer MIke Lee will discuss the many stakeholder profiles that are involved in the successful execution of BIM projects and our Senior BIM Consultant Gabi Kozemeh will talk about her experience working with one of the largest government agencies in the United States. 

At the end, we will field a live question and answer session where you can ask live questions about our experience changing careers to join this space, and meet part of our BIM team, Ceci Cornet and Monse Elaskar!