Co-Working Spaces: A Scan-To-BIM & Automation Case Study

co-working building

Our client is one of the largest global co-working space companies, and Voyansi is the trusted partner who helps them scale with ease. The worldwide evolution of needs requires workflows that enable our clients to automate processes and rely on our comprehensive support, which includes an on-the-ground scanning team and modeling teams that assist in the dynamic management of their property portfolio.


Through our collaboration, we have offered a spectrum of solutions broadly categorized into four essential areas:

  1. Laser Scanning & Reality Capture (Matterport): We employ advanced technology to capture the essence of each space, providing a solid foundation for further development. We specialize in big square footage and facilities that require careful planning and execution to get the job done promptly.
  2. BIM Development: Our expertise extends to the modeling of architectural, MEP/FP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing/Fire Protection), and structural components, ensuring a comprehensive digital representation.
  3. Revit Content: We create detailed Revit content, enhancing the precision and utility of our models.
  4. Software Automation and Platforms: Our team develops custom software solutions and platforms, streamlining the integration and automation of various processes.

How we engage

Consistent and accurate data is the cornerstone of successful project execution. Our client engages us to conduct detailed scans before acquiring a property. With a global reach, our scanning team operates across North and South America, Europe, and Asia, providing detailed point clouds (in color and black & white) that serve as a foundation for subsequent modeling.

Next Steps

Following the scanning process, our modeling teams in Spain and Argentina commence the development of necessary models. Depending on the specific requirements, our assistance ranges from simple LOD 200 architectural models to more complex structural and MEP/FP models that facilitate contractor coordination and clash management.

In our journey, we often develop automations, integrate new datasets, and even craft bespoke platforms. Our creations include tools for automated extraction of construction documents, layout planning, and cost estimation for new constructions.

Our precise models serve various purposes, from determining the leasing capacity of a potential asset to designing test fits for furniture and infrastructure. In essence, we act as an integral extension of their team.

The Outcomes

  • Over a million square feet scanned and modeled.
  • Enhanced capability to scale in response to the demand for new facilities.
  • Standardization of Revit content.
  • Real-time dashboarding for monitoring existing spaces and forecasting for prospective properties.
  • Reduction in the time allocated for Quality Control.
  • Expedited documentation delivery, facilitating the timely start of on-site work.
  • Enhanced consistency across models.
  • Improved design and criteria, allowing project stakeholders to concentrate on design innovation rather than repetitive tasks.

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