November 24th

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From Rhino to Revit

There are many ways in which these tools can complement each other and upscale their capabilities, and it's up to you to stay ahead in the game by learning how can they achieve this.
By the end of this webinar, you will be able to create your own workflow between Rhino and Revit.
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November 10th

MKT-Learning Dynamo-Flyer-102821

Learning Dynamo

More specifically, this webinar will be about Dynamo and the advantages of visual programming. By the end of it, you will be able to create what might be your first script!  
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October 21st

MKT-Pave your way on the BIM world-Flyer-101421

Pave your own way on the BIM World

Are you a BIM professional? What is it that you do best in BIM? What would you like to improve and where do you want to go? Together with our best professional team members, learn how to create your own path into the BIM World enhancing your skills and professional profile. 
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October 1st

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Autodesk University

The design and make conference for innovators everywhere. Learn from industry experts who are progressing architecture, engineering, construction, design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment.

As an Autodesk Certified Services Partner, we are proud to be a sponsor of this event!


October 1st

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Revit quick & easy

Revit is a central tool within the BIM world. Its capabilities are constantly expanding our possibilities and, consequently, improving BIM methodology.

Are you taking your first steps in Revit? Come join us and we will help you build your way in this world!

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August 25th

Crafting a career in bim 3

Crafting a Career in BIM

Today, there is one common thread that ties all aspects of designing, building, or operating space together: BIM. So, how do you get into this exciting field?

Join us for a four-part webinar where we will discuss strategies for joining the BIM industry. 

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