Revit quick & easy
Creating your own template & User interface

Webinar, October 6th 1pm ET









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Matt Hamilton
Monserrat Elaskar
Technology Senior Manager
Marketing Manager

Become a skilled Revit user!

Revit is a central tool within the BIM world. Its capabilities are constantly expanding our possibilities and, consequently, improving BIM methodology. Also, it might be your ticket to the industry if you are interested in it. But Revit's structure and functioning might be difficult for some, and that's where Matt & Monse come into the picture. They are architects with years of experience working with Revit. Through their expertise, they will dive deep into this tool's particularities and provide insight on its functionalities and how you can learn to master it.

At the end, they will host a live question and answer session where you can ask them about their experience with Revit and what is it like being architects in the BIM industry.