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Time is money. Turnarounds are expensive and need to be conducted with precision. When a unit goes down, your only choice is to get it operational as quickly as possible. Better decisions and planning can be built on the basis of BIM. Our team is there to help you along the way. 

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Efficiency through an effective BIM strategy


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Strategy & Implementation

Implementing BIM workflows in your process should not be expensive or confusing. Our team is here to provide an elevated perspective of your spaces so you can quickly expand or renovate your facilities with minimal impact to your operations. 

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Laser Scanning & Scan to BIM

Do the drawings in your files match what is actually on-site? Our boots on the ground team utilizes the latest in scanning technology from Leica and Faro. Our focus is on getting in then out as quickly as possible to ensure your operations are never delayed.  

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Coordination & 
BIM Development

Turnarounds are a precision operation that you need partners to execute on. When coordinating all of the general contractors, and sub-contractors, how do you ensure that there is minimal disruption to schedule? You count on Voyansi as your trusted partner to take care of the details. 

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Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 12.57.20 PM

LNG Plant Modeling in Australia

Our VDC & MEP-FP teams were the support partner needed. We were there to provide LOD500 drawings, create penetration drawings, upgrade models, and help with coordination. 

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Modeling for Modular Skids

Imagine the power of having 3D models of new skids before you place them on site. That's exactly how our team helped the YPF Refinery. 

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Modeling for an Agrosciences facility

Our client, an agrosciences facility needed updated documentation for an aging facility. Our team was the partner they needed. 

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