VDC Manager

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As a VDC Manager, you will lead the coordination process of an entire project, being the link between the CG and subcontractors. You can perform your work remotely or on-site, depending on the client's requirements.
As a VDC Manager, you add value to the coordination among the different trades, by setting the BIM rules, workflow and its requirements, working hand by hand with the construction team on-site, anticipating any conflicts that might occur before construction, and proposing solutions based on your technical background.
The role of a VDC Manager is essential to ensure the coordination process is always ahead of the construction schedule, avoiding delays and non-expected issues on site.


Job Responsibilities

  • Be the contact point between the client (GC) and the subcontractors.
  • Host BIM Coordination meetings.
  • Generate clash detection and analyze the interferences among the different trades. Propose possible solutions to the conflicts.
  • Keep track of the consumed hours and detect possible deviations that can affect the coordination process.
  • Have the scope of work clear to detect easily additional tasks that can be requested eventually by the client.

What will you do on a day-to-day basis?

  • Generate the BEP document that is key during all the coordination processes.
  • Set agenda for BIM Coordination Meetings.
  • Host BIM coordination meetings and 1:1 meetings with subcontractors/client/design team.
  • Combine subcontractors' BIM models into Navisworks and detect interferences (create viewpoints).
  • Ensure the subcontractors address the necessary modifications to get a clash-free model.
  • Control the coordination process schedule to identify possible deviations.
  • Provide necessary information to submit RFIs.
  • Review RFI responses and addendums/ASIs/bulletins to make sure the models reflect the changes.
  • Model audit.
  • Generate Federated model (NWD), Issue Log and sign-off documents.
  • Generate 4D simulation (if required).

What do you need to be successful?

  • Architectural, Civil Engineering or related Degree .
  • 3+ years of professional experience in BIM. 
  • Professional English fluency to host meetings with the client and subcontractors.

Software/ Technical skills:
  • Advanced skills in the use of Navisworks software (Synchro software is a plus) for clash detection and 4D simulation purposes.
  • Advanced skills in the use of BIM 360 (BIM Collaboration).
  • Good skills in the use of Revit and AutoCAD to validate information, navigate the models/ drawings, etc.
  • Experience in the MEP+FP field to keep a professional discussion with the client and subcontractors, to propose solutions, estimate the efforts for coordination purposes, detect deviations rapidly, assist the GC with RFIs presentation, act as a moderator in the meetings, etc.
  • Be familiarized with BIM requirements, BEP documents.

Professional/ Management skills:
  • Autonomy to make decisions, control the progress of the coordination process and use the available hours efficiently.
  • Problem-solving and good communication skills.
  • Capacity to distribute and control the tasks for a small team, if necessary.