Azulik Museum: Mesmerizing and Challenging

Azulik Museum - Mesmerizing and Challenging

This month our team

We’ve arrived at Tulum and the landscape couldn’t be any different from NYC. Streets drastically shift from narrow to wide, and there are few tall buildings around them. Therefore, the sky occupies most part of our field of view.

Looking around you begin to appreciate the city’s palette. Brown colors mix with strident reds, yellows, and oranges. Of course, murals give life to almost every wall. They vary in size and are located almost in every corner.

Tulum’s Wonders

Tulum’s main attraction isn’t the city. Its beaches are world-famous for their white sand and warm water. Of course, the vegetation is a crucial part of the landscape: Palm trees are everywhere, and nature seems to take over the streets, hotels, and diners. Plants mix with architecture in an almost unique way.

So, we arrive at Azulik, a tourist spot located on Tulum’s coast. The streets are even narrower now, and they are often covered in sand. That’s logical, we are just a few blocks away from the beach, Tulum’s gem.

Among the numerous and colorful hotels and diners, there is something gaze-catching. Azulik Museum.

Those Thatched Roofs

Resting on tall rock walls, several logs support thatched roofs that stand out in the green sea of flora. Azulik Museum is not like any other place around Tulum. Inside it, branches serve as tour guides that accompany visitors as they walk on a pearled white rock floor. There is much to see and the sunlight shines through the ceiling like it’s aware of our presence and wants to point out where we should go.

Artistic installations fill the open hallways, and decks provide visitors with exceptional views and a relaxing atmosphere that blurs the lines between the museum’s inside and outside. There’s a lot to be seen: Clothing, paintings, videos projected on the ceiling, and also the structure.

We were captivated by the use of space. The materials, their distribution, and the structure itself are really interesting to us, especially after visiting New York. The contrast between urban and rural buildings is huge, and so is the process of designing and building them.

What about BIM?

We started to wonder how can BIM be implemented in this type of building. Of course, these kinds of materials offer different possibilities. Plus, the design is far from anything traditional. So we believe that the process must be as challenging as it’s gripping.

Many parts of Tulum are great places to start building, and BIM could be a game-changer. If you want to know more, contact our professionals.

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