Scan to BIM


Accurately capture your existing conditions

Our team uses cutting-edge technology to precisely capture your site's existing conditions. For you, this means a fast, safe, and precise way of capturing site data, a complete scanning experience. Following the information capture process, we help transform your data into information that matches your organization's BIM standards.

We understand the value of long-term relationships, so client satisfaction is a must, we bring the best scan to bim practices to you. Our success is predicated on your ability to successfully deliver. We understand your clients are our clients. Our team is a true extension of your office.

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Scan to BIM Services

Capture, model, document.


Reality Capture

Our boots on the ground Reality Capture team is available to visit your site and use the latest technology to accurately capture your site's existing condition. Our team has a vast scanning experience and offers both black & white, as well as color scans. Our survey team is also available to measure the site conditions from the air or ground. 


Whether you, another partner or our team scan your site, our team in Argentina is ready to flex with the demand of your project.  For scan to BIM modeling tasks, we have a team of over 100 dedicated modelers that work on a variety of projects ranging from single family residential projects all the way up to large infrastructure improvements such as high-rise buildings and airports. 


Why Voyansi?

  • 150+ Architects and Engineers

  • 12+ Years of experience

  • 7200+ projects completed

  • Partnerships with AUTODESK, LEICA, and FARO

HC-Vismara Pia-B&WPhotos-Rev00

Pia Vismara

Scan to BIM Manager


HC-Isola Martin-B&WPhotos-Rev00

Martin Isola

Scan to BIM Manager


Meet our team

We have a group of professionals that can help you build realistic digital representations of 3D models including light and materials simulation.  Let scan to BIM Revit plugins be the bedrock of your project.

HC-Livi Consuelo-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Consuelo Livi
HC-Nieto Marcelo-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Marcelo Nieto
HC-Civitate Luciano-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Luciano Civitate
HC-Valle Diego-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Diego Valle
HC-Suso Emilce-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Emilce Suso
HC-Petrola Ain-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Ain Petrola
HC-Montanaro Joel-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Joel Montanaro
HC-Bustamante Agustina-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Agustina Bustamante
HC-Gagliano Agustin-B&WPhotos-Rev00.jpg
Agustin Gagliano
HC-Sciolla Daniela-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Daniela Sciolla
HC-Poppino Paula-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Paula Poppino
HC-Girardi Franco-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Franco Girardi
HC-Pernigotti Ariana-B&WPhotos-Rev00-1
Ariana Pernigotti
HC-Guillot Giselle-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Giselle Guillot
HC-Diaz Ana Paula-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Ana Paula Diaz
HC-Wilberger Maya-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Maya Wilberger
HC-Petron Belen-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Belen Petron
HC-Aguero Gomez Constanza-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Constanza Agüero Gomez
HC-Ferreyra Rocio-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Rocio Ferreyra
HC-Vottero Carolina-B&WPhotos-Rev00-1
Carolina Vottero
HC-Trinks Sabrina-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Sabrina Trinks
HC-Anzalaz Guillermo-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Guillermo Anzalaz
HC-Riquelme Maria Susana -B&WPhotos-Rev00
Maria Riquelme
HC-Villagra Maria-B&WPhotos-Rev00
A clear and bold header
HC-Loto Francisco-B&WPhotos-Rev00-2
Francisco Loto
HC-Francois Geraldine-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Geraldine Francois
HC-Peralta Laura-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Laura Peralta
HC-Pereyra Virginia-B&WPhoto-Rev00
Virginia Pereyra
HC-Gramaglia Lucia-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Lucia Gramaglia
HC-Artola Ignacio-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Ignacio Artola
HC-Fortini Natalia-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Natalia Fortini
HC-Rizzo Virginia-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Virginia Rizzo

Our project portfolio 

Our team is a true extension of your office.