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Construction Services


Changing the way we build

Are you ready to leverage the latest technology to better coordinate your projects during construction? Our multidisciplinary team will work with your BIM Coordinators to implement, manage, and control your process. VDC coordination ensure the quality of your projects.

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Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, & Fire Protection Drawings

Everything built to your standard



Our team is there to make sure all the pieces fit together. On-site or remote, you can be assured that our team is your team. We work hand in hand with all stakeholders to ensure a successful project conducted on time, and on budget. 

Industrialized Construction

We create digital models of construction modules that are ready for procurement, then fabrication. Our team can work with your stakeholder group to digitize designs, create an accurate BOM, factory tickets, and quality control the digitalization process using VDC software. 4D construction is the future of construction, today.


Digital Construction

Our team of VDC managers focuses on delivering scalable spatial needs in the most efficient process possible. Our experience pulls the latest tools, processes, and technology into a cohesive package that ensures your projects in retail, office, co-working, or other similar spaces will be delivered on time and under budget. VDC construction management is central in the way we guarantee quality to our customers.

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VDC Senior Manager


Meet our team

Our team of industry professionals is here to ensure that the reality of your products matches what is supplied in the documentation. 

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Sofia Calderon
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Marcelo Comas
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Yanina Gauna
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Julio Guevara
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Gastón Osorio
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Jesús Ramirez
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Octavio Rotondo
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Santiago Sagardoy

Examples of projects we have worked on

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Our team is a true extension of your office.