VDC Management

Meeting Quality Standards through Diligent and Expert VDC Coordination

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) Management solutions involve a strategic process to enhance the collaboration and
integration of BIM (Building Information Modeling) within construction project.

Our Approach

Our approach to VDC Management includes key strategies to improve efficiency and project results. We work on simplifying BIM management processes, making sure BIM coordination works smoothly both on-site and remotely to match our virtual plans with actual construction, and doing detailed design and constructability reviews to tackle potential construction problems early on.

This integrated method helps us better plan and execute projects, ensuring they are not only well-designed but also realistic to carry out and effectively managed.


  • Comprehensive Issue Tracking and Problem-Solving to maintain project integrity.
  • Hosting Coordination Meetings to facilitate communication and resolve issues swiftly.
  • Conducting BIM Audits for continuous improvement in BIM implementation.
  • Providing Advanced 4D/5D Simulations for enhanced planning and risk management.
  • Delivering Deviation Reports to track and manage project variations.
  • Ensuring Integration with the VDC Ecosystem for a cohesive technology strategy.

Value proposition

Since the beginning of a project, we’ve recognized the paramount importance of precision and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our highly seasoned team with extensive field experience, adept at managing large-scale projects seamlessly from start to finish. We ensure optimized outcomes and fluent communication, using state-of-the-art tools and workflows, effectively coordinating multidisciplinary teams.

Our comprehensive understanding of building codes and BIM requirements enables us to effortlessly facilitate compliance. Whether working remotely or on-site, our flexibility and swift deployment capabilities ensure we meet project demands promptly.