BIM Staffing

Deploying Highly Skilled Professionals for the Built Environment

This solution focuses on
integrating BIM experts into your
construction workflow to offer
precise, high-quality support in different trades
Virtual Design and Construction
(VDC), Mechanical, Electrical,
and Plumbing (MEP) modeling services, Structural Modeling, Civil/Infrastructure Modeling, and more.

Our Approach

We offer staff augmentation for general contractors and subcontractors to enhance project efficiency, expertise, and argumentation for Strategy and Consulting to streamline construction processes.

We provide experienced BIM professionals who can manage tasks remotely and on-site.



  • VDC Manager on-site/remote: Strategic management and oversight of BIM processes.

  • Software Developers: Building and customizing software solutions for specific BIM applications.

  • MEP Specialist Staff Augmentation: Providing specialized MEP support for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and process piping.

  • Structural Modelers/Drafters: For all projects requiring engineered shop drawings, we have very skilled staff in different types of structures, including concrete, wood, and steel.

  • Civil Modelers/Drafters: For projects requiring construction updates into Autodesk Civil 3D or infrastructural software modeling, we deploy skilled individuals with a strong background in this area.

Value Proposition

Voyansi stands out in the BIM Staffing landscape with our comprehensive, global deployment capabilities.

Our distinction lies in our ability to deliver a full suite of BIM experts, from strategists to MEP specialists, who integrate seamlessly with any team anywhere in the world. We ensure alignment in time zones, language proficiency, and cultural understanding, which facilitates smoother teamwork and project flow.

With Voyansi, clients are not just staffing their projects; they are enhancing their capabilities with a quality-focused, globally responsive, and technically proficient team that ensures every build phase is executed to the highest standards.