Construction Monitoring

AI-Enhanced Solutions for Insightful Construction Oversight

This solution encompasses advanced technologies for comprehensive analyses, dynamic tolerance analysis, and volumetric progress insights to ensure projects adhere to planned specifications and timelines.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in leveraging AI-powered tools to deliver comprehensive support for various projects. This includes real-time reports and data analytics for up-to-the-minute project updates, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed promptly.

Additionally, we conduct detailed as-built and quality control (QA/QC) analyses to maintain high standards throughout the process. We also implement proactive risk management strategies to mitigate potential issues before they escalate, thereby safeguarding the project’s success and integrity.


  • Scan and Quality Control: We create a project in an AI web platform, scan the construction site multiple times a month, upload scans for automatic analysis of MEP, concrete, and wood framing, and quickly deliver personalized 3D and PDF quality reports.

  • Scan and Progress Monitoring: We set up a project on an AI platform, regularly scanning the construction site for detailed reality capture, analyzing the scans for progress monitoring of MEP and concrete construction, and providing rapid personalized 3D and PDF progress reports.

  • Scan and Project Management: We oversee regular site scans, verify construction progress and compliance with schedules and costs, and deliver weekly project management reports through a web platform and as PDFs.

  • Scan and Verification for MEP: We install an AI platform that includes frequent site scans for precise reality capture and involves uploading scans for automatic MEP tolerance analysis, culminating in providing swift, personalized 3D and PDF quality and progress reports.

Value proposition

Voyansi excels with an integrated approach to Construction Monitoring, offering a full range of AI-powered solutions that transform raw data into strategic insights. Unlike other companies, Voyansi provides a holistic overview, combining advanced surveying, real-time analytics, and risk management into a cohesive package.

This ensures our clients have the data-driven clarity to optimize their build phases, reduce risks, and maintain project integrity. It gives them the confidence to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.