Digital Construction
& Fabrication

Transforming Design Documents into Fabrication-Ready Data

Our Digital Construction and fabrication solution develops highly detailed models, drawings, take-off lists, and installation instructions for a variety of trades. From Engineering wood products to MEP Systems, we help you deliver your products and services to the job site.

Our Approach

Our staff is composed of team members with field experience. We understand how systems are fabricated and installed. This expertise and BIM knowledge create usable models and drawings to facilitate the crew job on-site.

For Prefabrication and Fabrication Modeling, we generate detailed models tailored for off-site construction, significantly conserving time and resources. Additionally, we furnish precise Shop Drawings and Material Take-offs, delivering comprehensive documentation on materials and construction details.


  • Detailed Spools and Fabrication Drawings: Facilitating accurate and efficient off-site manufacturing.


  • Installation Drawings and Field Layout Points: Offering precise guides for on-site work.


  • System Integrations: Ensuring that various systems (like wood/steel framing, facades, etc.) are accurately modeled and integrated.


  • Site Utilities Model and Quantity Take-offs: Managing essential utilities and materials for the build phase.


  • Resolution of BIM Coordination Issues: Addressing and solving any discrepancies or conflicts within BIM models.

Value proposition

Our clients rely on us to meticulously check code compliance in designs and model from LOD 200 to 400, ultimately providing crucial fabrication information such as spools or total station points for field installation. We also excel in BIM coordination, ensuring that all aspects of a project seamlessly come together.

Recognizing that speed is essential for success, our team of experts swiftly develops databases and creates content for a diverse range of projects, including Water Treatment Plants, Hospitals, and both Residential and Commercial buildings. This streamlined process allows us to meet the dynamic needs of our clients efficiently and effectively.