Strategy & Consulting

Supporting General Contractors and Subcontractors from BIM Plans to BMO Office Deployments to Meet their BIM Requirements

Our S&C solutions focus on organizing BIM workflows and ensuring compliance with BIM requirements, helping General Contractors and Subcontractors excel during the construction stage of the project.

Our Approach

Our approach begins with a thorough assessment and planning phase, where we evaluate current Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes and outline strategic improvements, leading to the development of a tailored strategy.

This strategy includes assisting in adopting BIM technologies through a structured implementation plan and providing ongoing support for BIM processes to ensure efficient project management. This comprehensive method ensures that every aspect of BIM utilization is optimized to enhance overall project performance.


  • BIM Mastery Training: We provide training programs designed to elevate BIM knowledge and skills for all project stakeholders.
  • Deployment of BIM Management Office: We help set up or integrate the BIM Management Office for your construction project.
  • CDE Implementation, Training, and Maintenance: We help you deploy and maintain a proper Common Data Environment (CDE) for your project.
  • ISO 19650 Standards: We help you to create or comply with ISO19650 standards specs.

  • BIM Audits: We conduct audits of subcontractors to ensure or adjust compliance to BIM Models in each trade.

Value proposition

Our value proposition lies in our extensive involvement in hundreds of VDC/BIM coordination projects, where we’ve learned the best practices, tools, and processes. In addition to our field experience, we continuously train our team and keep them updated on the latest available technologies.

Consulting with us to deploy or enhance your construction projects will improve efficiency, mitigate risks, increase profits, and ensure compliance with BIM requirements and other standards.