BIM Staffing

Enhancing Design Workflows with Professionals Skilled in BIM Technologies and Methodologies

BIM Staffing encompasses the strategic placement of specialized BIM experts into the client’s environment and the design phases of its project.

Our Approach

We integrate with your team to increase your bandwidth and skills, working from Schematic Design to Construction Drawings by creating BIM models and 2D drawings for architectural, structural, MEP, and civil/infrastructure projects.

Using a variety of software, our team members become an extension of yours, applying your standards and working alongside your team to ensure seamless collaboration and high-quality results.


  • We have a staff of over 220 Architects, Engineers, and Designers that can help you deliver on time, assist you with BIM/CAD consulting, and support any BIM/CAD project.
  • We are flexible and able to take on projects with short notice while helping you meet your deadlines and get your company through workload peaks.
  • We become part of your team, your extended office, without any investment.

Value proposition

Our customers don’t need to purchase software or hire or retain talent in a competitive market to deliver a project. They can come to us to get a cost-efficient solution with a highly trained resource ready to start and hit the ground running. 

We ensure alignment in time zones, language proficiency, and cultural understanding, facilitating smoother teamwork and project flow. All of this allows our customers to minimize their risk, improve their profits, and win more projects.