Strategy & Consulting

Ensuring the Correct Application of BIM Requirements into the Fabric of Complex Operations

Strategy and Consulting is a bespoke solution to craft the blueprint of BIM success tailored to design phases and projects. It goes beyond simply understanding client needs and offering solutions for design improvement from an architectural and engineering perspective; it involves a deep dive into the client’s processes.

Our Approach

BIM Implementation assists with full-scale BIM adoption, ensuring the company utilizes and optimizes technology. Alongside this, Consultation Expertise offers detailed design consultancy solutions ranging from on-site management to remote BIM consultants, ensuring consistent excellence.

Additionally, Company & Model Audits provide detailed reports and audits to reinforce BIM protocols and strengthen adoption based on established standards.


  • Tailored BIM Strategy Development: Custom strategies that address BIM implementation at the organizational level.


  • BIM Training and Education: Specific training modules to elevate BIM knowledge and proficiency.


  • BIM Standards & Requirements: Developing standards matching client contracts and fulfilling the required compliance requirements.


  • Templates and Content Creation: Developing Revit Families and Templates for specific project needs.


  • BIM Office Setup: Establishing BIM Management Offices (BMO) to deploy and control BIM standards for large-scale projects.

Value proposition

Voyansi redefines Strategy and Consulting by offering a full spectrum of solutions that encompasses every aspect of BIM integration. With our solutions, clients can navigate complex BIM challenges more efficiently, ensuring their strategy is implemented, sustainable, scalable, and aligned with global standards of excellence.