Hololens for harsh environments

Hololens for harsh environments

Let’s start with a quick exercise: think about a workplace that represents multiple challenges. Darkness, a small space, a dangerous/irregular terrain, or even a lack of communication with the outside world. All of these places are often the main obstacles we have to face at the time of working on specific projects.

Now let’s create a solution. Of course, the best alternative would be to work in that space minimizing the risks and optimizing the use of resources. This way, the project could be carried on while drastically reducing the risks both for the employees and the equipment. How can you achieve this? Hololens and reality capture technology.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are here (and continue to develop) to facilitate labor not only in the daily life of a company but also in harsh environments. The power to replicate reality with top precision regardless of its characteristics reality capture technology has transformed into a determining factor that allows you to solve every problem associated with working in harsh environments. But it also plays a major role in resource optimization.

You probably had to train your team to achieve a high level of adaptability, but nothing has been remotely similar to the real environments where they would work. However, if you decide to implement VR or AR, you will be able to train your team through an immersive experience that could work as a pre-work training or a trial to test the procedures that will be applied in the real scenario.

In the workplace, Hololens transmit a sharp image in real-time that multiple people located in different geographical areas can access without any inconvenience. Therefore, Hololens allows a team whose members are located all around the world to carry out collaborative tasks related to harsh environments minimizing the risks and enhancing the quality of the results. Once more, collaborative work finds in both VR and AR the perfect tool to show its benefits in comparison to individual work.

So, by applying Hololens in harsh environments, we can expect the following results:

  • Greater money savings.
  • Optimization of time use.
  • Collaborative work without geographical barriers.
  • Run tests in safe virtual environments.

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