No more waste of materials on site: Manufacturing Facility Modeling

Let’s talk about estimating costs for the construction of a work. When purchasing the necessary materials, were your calculations accurate? How much extra quantity variance did they add to their estimate? Surely once they found themselves facing a buyback situation due to changes and rework or simply they bought more because “better over and not missing”.

That’s where we come into the picture

With our Manufacturing Facility Modeling (or FAB MEP) service, that is no longer necessary. It implements BIM methodology through the manipulation of different 3D software for the design of facilities of all kinds that allow, subsequently, their manufacture and placement on site.

At this point, you might be asking yourself: What benefits does this bring? The answer is many, and of great value and utility. Beginning with accuracy, when designing the work facilities (electrical and mechanical systems, pipelines, fire protection systems) the calculation of materials necessary for their manufacture, called Quantity Take Off (QTO) is no longer more or less estimated. It becomes a determined, specific, and exact number that results in several benefits, such as reductions in extra costs, elimination of surplus or lack of material, which in turn translates into savings in construction and rework time.

We can even go further and use the Spooling tool that, in simple words, is incorporated into projects with a high level of detail and allows us to focus the design of specific parts due to their level of complexity, exhaustively listing each of its components, valves, connections and all those details that specify the composition of the part. This means that, at the time of its manufacture, there will be no errors and also, its exact material cost (QTO) named above can be calculated.

But it’s not just about listing: At the time of modeling, you can also know precisely where materials will be placed. How does this contribute to waste reduction? Having this information translates into fewer chances of losing materials and unnecessarily handling them.

Results that add value

Our team of BIM experts will provide you with quality installation designs, turning your processes into formulas of great precision that will allow you to work smarter, reduce the impact of your process in the environment, and ensure quality results.

Also, we can provide you with software specifically designed for fabrication. Not only content fit for use but also tools so architects and engineers can customize products more thoroughly.

Everything sounds easier with BIM and that’s how it is when the decision is made to incorporate BIM experts into your project who will work by your side, using all their knowledge and technical criteria to optimize and add value to your work.

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