Reality Capture

Top-Notch 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry to Finetune Operational Decisions, Renovations, and Space Optimization

Voyansi’s Reality Capture solutions for asset operation and maintenance harness cutting-edge technology to provide detailed digital representations of your properties. Our solutions offer a solid foundation for building owners and operators, enabling them to accurately understand and document the current state of assets, which is pivotal for effective management and future planning.

Our Approach

Our process involves deploying advanced scanning technologies to capture comprehensive data on your buildings and sites.

This data is then meticulously processed to create precise 3D models or digital twins that reflect the real-world conditions of your assets.

Integrating these models into your operational workflows enables enhanced asset management, maintenance planning, and strategic development initiatives.


  • 3D Photo Realistic Digital Tours: Creating immersive 3D photo-realistic walkthroughs that allow users to navigate any space (buildings, retail, industrial facilities) online with a high level of detail. These tours allow asset tagging, OCR (text recognition in the photos), taking dimensions (highly accurate), and more.

  • Detailed 3D Models and Digital Twins: High-accuracy digital replicas of your properties for thorough analysis and virtual inspections.

  • Asset Documentation and Management: Enhanced documentation capabilities that improve asset management strategies and
    lifecycle planning.

  • Space Optimization: Utilizing reality capture data to analyze and optimize space usage, improving efficiency and tenant experiences.

  • Maintenance and Renovation Planning: Precise models that aid in planning maintenance work and renovations, ensuring minimal disruption and maximized asset value.

  • Historical Documentation: Creating a digital archive of your properties for historical comparison, condition monitoring, and compliance with preservation standards.

Value Proposition

We can deploy our professional team of surveyors globally. We understand the different technologies available and continuously explore the other trends. As such, we work with our customers to apply the most efficient solutions depending on their goals. We have a large-scale team that can take on small to extensive projects.