Visualization (VR/AR)

Visualization for the OPERATE PHASES is an advanced suite of solutions focused to convert ideas into tangible, immersive experiences for trainings and e-learning. 

Simulation is a key part of the digital world. It allows customers to train their staff in complex environments, reducing the risk of operation or presenting ideas and options to an audience. 

Visual walkthroughs create the perfect environment in which these simulations can occur, and they are also the perfect container for integrating IoT devices for real-time monitoring.

Our Approach

Our team of experts creates virtual replicas of the built environment. We use gaming engine applications like Unity and Unreal to create compelling walkthrough scenarios (VR/AR). 

We add the ability to interact with those scenarios by operating equipment, operating doors, and windows, tagging assets, or presenting design alternatives.

IoT sensors bring these highly detailed models to life by integrating them with software that allows simple tasks such as space utilization or more complex analyses such as preventing maintenance.

What We Offer Within This SOLUTION

  • Virtual Reality Tours (VR): We create a wide range of virtual tours, from low-level detail to stunning, highly detailed replicas of different buildings and infrastructures. We utilize gaming engine platforms such as Unity or Unreal to create these immersive experiences, which are created from point clouds, existing BIM Models, or legacy drawings. We deliver in several formats, including applications for different VR Googles.

  • Augmented Reality Tours (AR): We create AR experiences utilizing different authoring software. These experiences combine real-life scenarios with asset information tags, allowing the user to visualize data and interact with it.

  • IoT Integration: We work with partners to integrate IoT sensors and all its components with the models created.
  • 360-Degree Renders: We create different types of renders to present ideas and design options and communicate proposals to decision-makers.

Value proposition

Voyansi is at the forefront of innovation by allowing owners and operators to make more intelligent and prompt decisions. Not only will they take advantage of checking in real time how buildings and infrastructures are working, but they can also showcase to clients and stakeholders the progress made and forecast the project’s direction.