RedBuilt and Voyansi – A Story of Digital Transformation

Picture this scenario:  You are one of the largest companies in the wood and engineering industry and you want to become more efficient by speeding up your processes. This means redefining practically all of your workflows to fit new demands. They know it’s one of those jobs where there’s much to be gained if done right, yet much to lose if the results do not meet expectation.

This was the scenario facing RedBuilt and they turned to Voyansi to ensure the project was a success.

2018, a year of change

RedBuilt was looking to reposition itself within the marketplace, and they knew that innovation was the key to occupying the spot they wanted. However, keeping pace in a world of tech demands a solid digital infrastructure. This is where it all begins.

This is a story of digital transformation.” – Guy Brousseau, PE Operations Leader at RedBuilt.

A long-lasting relationship

Voyansi’s 20+ years of experience in the BIM industry is the reason why its trusted relationship with RedBuilt exists and dates back to the early 2000s. That very same experience is what allows Voyansi to provide quality services that add value to our customer’s work.

Let’s take RedBuilt’s case. We have supported a number of their digital projects including (but not limited to):

  • Project development in AutoCAD & Revit
  • Creation of shop drawings
  • Revit implementation & migration
  • Model viewer development
  • Revit toolbar for automating standard workflows

“We initially worked with another development company, but when we switched to Voyansi, they were able to produce five times the results in the first year of development alone.” – Guy Brousseau

From Challenge to Solution: What Voyansi Delivered to RedBuilt

1. Voyansi’s Revit Automation Toolbar

RedBuilt was interested in making the leap to Revit, but they thought it would be a difficult transition coming from Autodesk Architecture. That wasn’t the case.

Voyansi’s software services smoothened this transition, simplifying Redbuilt’s workflows on several levels. But you don’t have to take our word for it, Mark Currier, Design Technician at RedBuilt said:

“When we were using Architecture, we had an entire suite of tools that we could use, but many of those have now gone away. It’s been replaced by three buttons on Voyansi’s Revit automation toolbar, but we’ve been able to maintain the same production. We’ve definitely seen some efficiency gains from Revit already, and that’s just the start since we’ll be building out even more functionality in the future.”

2. Material Export Tool

RedBuilt’s material listing workflow wasn’t running smoothly. They had to generate a list using Revit and then export it to their ERP. A two-step process that can delay results by hours. That’s where Voyansi comes into the picture, once again, providing RedBuilt with a useful automation.

We developed a material exporter that consisted of a button that, when pressed, took all existing Revit schedules, consolidated them, and exported the combined list to their ERP. This saves time and effort, allowing RedBuilt to provide quicker answers to their customers.

“The big saving is that the mill can now make their work orders straight from the ERP, wherein the 2D world we weren’t able to do that. Revit is really becoming the hub of all information for our process, and we don’t have to keep recreating that information over and over again over the course of a project.” – Mark Currier

3. Improved Collaboration with Partners and Customers

Designing in a 3D environment allows you to detect problems faster and, consequently, start working on solutions without losing time. This has been game-changing for RedBuilt who is currently working on providing its customers with solutions to their labor shortage problems and also developing a product family placement tool.

They have a clear goal in mind: establish themselves as a firm on the leading edge of design and construction technology. They know Voyansi’s experience can add value to each one of their processes, helping them achieve their goals while keeping up with production demands. That is exactly why they chose us.

I have nothing but praise for Voyansi. Right now, the biggest thing I’ve had to ask them to do is literally to change one color on one thing. Great job guys.” – Mark Currier.

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