The power of organized Data

The power of organized Data

By leveraging the power of data-driven design, your team will not only come to optimal
spatial layouts today but improve your design process for the future at the same time.
Once finalized designs are manually adjusted, the feedback is sent to the repository for
future design generation.

As an owner or operator of space, you know the design of your stores or retail locations
your business and are related to the core of their activities. The benefits to owners and
operators by using the data-driven design process are multiple. Among them:

  • Owners retain control of design as part of their core business
  • Designs are quickly developed and time is cut significantly
  • Safety control Consistency among designs
  • Continual design improvement and the ability to track what works well and what does
    not overtime

This leads me to the question I always hear after describing the bright future we stand
in front of: what will I get for this effort?

The Holy Grail, unified dashboards. It’s what we are all searching for. Live data ecosystems that can be parsed and analyzed easily in real-time. Without realizing it, the process I’ve outlined will give you the ability to start tying other systems and tools to your BIM data through automations, integrations, or dedicated platforms if you want to be fancy.


As stated initially the challenges to owners are many. New tools and processes are within
your reach. Leveraging those tools will allow you as an owner or operator to transform
your challenges into opportunities for process improvement.

Deloitte’s “Digital disruption in commercial real estate” states that organizations that
embrace agility within innovative work environments will have a competitive advantage.
BIM is a data generation process that is effectively managed from the beginning provides
the answers to many of the decision-making questions you and other space owners will
be faced with. Taking control over the main features of the process will not decrease the
BIM associated costs but also will produce accuracy and consistency over your data
Design and built space data are fundamental to business development, adaptability, and
ultimately success. Your Brand is your Blood. BIM is the tool you leverage to build consistency across your organization’s spaces.

BIM <> Blood <> Brand

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