5 Things companies can do to adjust to the new reality

On our blog, we talk a lot about techniques, workflows, and impactful industry technologies. At Voyansi, the way we manage our own work goes hand in hand with the efficiency, quality, and innovation we deliver to our customers. 2020 has been an especially tough year for operations. Traditional benefits of congregating in the same space must be insightfully produced through a digital analog. Voyansi is a company of innovators and BIM experts who don’t sleep on the latest practices or techniques, and we are undergoing continuous change to make ourselves even better. In this post, we share some of our guiding principles and learnings from experience.

1. Foster a culture of technical competency

Remote schooling is a perfect example of how a lack of technical competency and infrastructure in the community can have a disastrous impact. Things that operated like clockwork normally came to a halt if they weren’t already performed digitally. In this climate of sudden change, the ability of an organization to not only adapt but to thrive on new tools will create a new balance in many competitive markets.

At Voyansi, we’ve added fuel to our technical loving fire. We are transitioning to a remote-friendly and globally active company. The technical challenges are immense, but our team’s experience in learning and adapting technical tools gives them the foundation to thrive in a collaborative common data environment.

2. Make data a universal skill

There should be no denying that data is the pulse of modern business. Every operation produces data, and leveraging that power requires insight and agency at every level. Although it often may sound like it, data is not magic. Making good decisions based on bad data may be worse than no data at all. Understanding not only the insights from data but the nuances of how data represents our everyday work ensures that the data works for us, not against us.

It may seem daunting to introduce something like data practices to your company when BIM is already proving to be a challenge. However, with #1, the hardest part is taking that small step.

3. Become asynchronously collaborative

Working with others now means working with the particularities of their time. This can both be frustrating and freeing. We always try to take the second option. As companies, we are often so used to an “on” time and “off” time that we always feel off rhythm. With modern tools, the only barrier to collaborating on one’s own time is changing behavior. Working asynchronously doesn’t mean working all the time, or working only on your own, just more freedom on when you can get different tasks done.

Designing when to do your tasks can be hard at first, especially with the daytime distractions you are facing. However, distributing your tasks around a wider time frame and planning ahead with others will give you the opportunity to give more focus in the precious together time that you will get. Nothing will ever replace meeting with your team face to face, but adjusting to your teammate’s schedules will feel like a new rhythm built around your team’s empathy.

4. Cherish the face to face moments

Through a little window to others’ homes and lives, we are getting a glimpse into the daily lives of others in every interaction. Whether we like it or not, we’re all sharing a little more than we are used to. Despite not being the kind of interaction we are used to, it gives us a little more insight and a little better understanding. Shared grievances aside, talking to people at home should create an air of trust that opens up more honest and considerate conversation.

Communicating has definitely been a big adjustment for us. Learning new ways to engage not only our team but partners and customers new and existing. We lean deeply into that honest conversation and try to get the most out of every interaction.

5. Keep a sharp eye out for opportunity

2020 has been tough on any business, even the ones that saw an immediate opportunity. We’ve all had to learn to be more adaptive, and everything is undergoing transformation to confront the new reality. As doors close, new ones open, and keeping an eye out for which opportunities best fit your imagined role in the future market can help clarify milestones to adapt towards. By building the collective capability to spot, define, and adapt towards these new opportunities as a company, we create a strong resilience that allows us to thrive in high-stress environments.

At Voyansi, we never stop changing. To find out how we can leverage our experience to help you make meaningful changes in your organization, just give us a call and one of our BIM experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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