A walk through the rain in NY

A walk through the rain in NY

Well, the BIM World Tour’s presence in New York is still giving us much to talk about. But this time let’s talk about the weather.

Walking the streets of New York under the rain is quite a unique experience. Yes, we are aware that rain is not an uncommon phenomenon, but stick with us here. The way the water hits the pavement produces a melody that merges with the honks, the pedestrian’s babbling, and the advertisements that give voice to buildings.

A rainy day can change a city

Rainy days provide a new perspective of New York City. Colourful umbrellas crowd sidewalks like a secret everybody wants to know is going to be revealed. People rush into diners, stores, and malls looking for a roof that keeps them dry. But we like to keep walking.

The effect that rain provokes in big cities such as this one is aesthetically pleasing. Advertisement’s reflection on puddles allows us to appreciate different shades of colours that, from a certain distance, seem like portals to colorful dimensions. Our gumboots become our most valued possessions as they turn into the ships in which we navigate New York’s avenues.

Raindrops are not just perfect for a presumably reflexive Instagram post. They make buildings glow, and provide art installations with a nostalgic look. For instance, The Vessel acquires a beautiful sheen that makes it even more imposing than it normally is. On the other hand, the Empire State building transforms its structure into a concrete waterfall that seems infinite from across the street.

We will always have New York

Our walk takes us to Central Park and the floor beneath us turns from gray to a glossy green. Trees are now the perfect shelter for us, as we roam through the park under the rain. Our time in New York is coming to an end, and we believe we made the most out of it, but there are many things that we haven’t discovered yet.

This city wouldn’t be the same without the existence of BIM. Its iconic buildings would only be dreams, and its look would drastically change. That makes us think about how BIM implementation is crucial in today’s world. As BIM consultants, we are proud to be part of the people who make places like this possible.

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