Elevating Workspaces: A Remarkable Journey with ARSAT

At Voyansi, in partnership with HHC Creative, we’re excited to share our extraordinary journey with ARSAT. Known as Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anónima, ARSAT stands as Argentina’s premier satellite communications firm, spearheading innovation in the telecommunications industry. Our collaborative endeavor with HHC Creative on a groundbreaking project reflects our dedication to design excellence and innovation.

ARSAT presented us with a formidable challenge: rejuvenating an 8,000-square-foot office space designated for interior design and digital staging. As a leader in technological innovation, ARSAT sought partners capable of infusing their workspace with functionality and aesthetic allure in harmony with their vision of promoting creativity and collaboration. Our teams at Voyansi and HHC Creative eagerly seized this opportunity, aware of the project’s significance for ARSAT and the people influenced by the redesigned space. We deeply understood ARSAT’s goals, grasping their specific needs and ambitions.

The scope of our work was comprehensive, spanning from conceptualization to actualization. We meticulously developed interior design plans and layouts, ensuring each component resonated with ARSAT’s brand identity and core values. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we worked in unison to produce detailed Revit models for architectural and landscaping elements, conforming to rigorous LOD 300 standards.

The result of our collective efforts was the successful completion and handover of the project, a landmark achievement for both ARSAT and our collaborative teams at Voyansi and HHC Creative. The transformed office space now stands as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design in boosting productivity, fostering collaboration, and enhancing employee well-being.
Reflecting on our partnership with ARSAT, we’re reminded of the profound influence that innovative design can exert on organizations and individuals. We take immense pride in our collaboration with HHC Creative to craft a workspace that not only fulfills but surpasses the expectations of our esteemed partner.

Voyansi and HHC Creative are committed to advancing design excellence and innovation. Motivated by our work with ARSAT and driven by a passion for creating environments that inspire, innovate, and uplift, we’re excited to continue on transformative journeys, one project at a time.


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