An extension of your team

8 is the number at last count. Specifically, the number of video conferencing systems installed on my computer today. 2020 was both the first year in a new decade, but also the first year of a new way of thinking about the workplace; “Workplace 4.0” as I referred to it as in our previous blog.

Voyansi is an international company, we have been since our inception. In 2020, we faced a key challenge: working and collaborating with our clients as we all locked down. For over a decade, as a company, we have always recognized the value of working closely in person. This value goes both ways, for our clients who benefit from the extension of their office, but also for our company and employees who get to work with new people in new locations on new projects.

“I wish I could still achieve that same level of collaboration today.”

You can. 


The truth is, on-site labor has always been more expensive than remote workers, even those working in the same company or time zone. Even prior to 2020, companies that utilized remote labor, even direct or contract employees benefited from lower overhead costs than providing employees with an on-site workspace. 

In our estimation, COVID has simply accelerated the adoption of remote work technologies. 

Your team is busy, we’ve all seen the uptick in the AEC industry. You’re also used to collaborating remotely. Are you ready for a partner to take that load off your staff? All of this, in the end, results in savings in labor time and money as processes become more efficient, thanks to our team of BIM experts.

Get a quote for a Remote BIM Professional, or two!

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