Are you ready for McKinsey’s Next “Normal”

Last week, our blog discussed McKinsey’s latest report: “The Next Normal in Construction.” Some of the figures they mention are eye-watering: below average industry growth rates, razor-thin profit margins, and $1.6 trillion in potential value-add that is left on the table through inefficiency. Our main takeaway is that the AEC industry is undergoing a digital transformation from a bespoke industry to a product-based approach.

Digital Transformation is a hot topic in every industry and is difficult to get right. In the construction industry eco-system, software users are handcuffed by decisions that come from a higher level such as the c-suite or other corporate leadership. High-level decision-makers sometimes do not understand the daily pain points of using inefficient systems to deliver what the leadership of the firm has promised. Asset owners face different challenges: How do you minimize the cost of ownership across the entire life-cycle of a project? How can you seamlessly transition from construction to operations?

The needs of these different stakeholder groups (designer, constructor, owner) that are working on common projects appear mutually exclusive. At Voyansi we believe the digital transformation of your process offers an opportunity to create a Win-Win-Win for all parties involved. Leveraging integrated systems improve the handoff of data between project stages from the inception of your idea to operating a new facility.

Voyansi: Revolutionizing the way we share information

Our team has been a part of large companies, small companies, and massive hyper-growth companies. All of these experiences have been an amazing chance to learn and grow. However, there was never a group out there where we as asset owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and, above all, BIM experts, could communicate outside of the company to really talk about this rapid industry change and how to maintain or gain a competitive edge with integrated systems. Is your organization ready to take the next step by optimizing your process?

Our team of like-minded individuals is ready to help your organization move the industry forward. We are here to lead. We know what needs to happen to change the industry. However, we can not do it alone. Come join the movement and let’s change what it means to build.

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