China Basin Park: A Testament to Precision and Expertise

In partnership with Prefoam Enterprises, Voyansi embarked on a significant endeavor: the development of China Basin Park, located in the vibrant heart of San Francisco, CA.

This project was immense, with a total building area of 145,605 square feet and an astonishing 7,051,557.7 board feet of foam used, necessitating careful planning and execution. Over 350 hours of dedicated effort were poured into realizing this vision.

The core goal of the China Basin Park project was to create all the essential graphic elements for the park’s infill areas. Positioned along the scenic San Francisco Bay, the park demanded substantial earth movement to facilitate duct construction, necessitating significant backfilling. Voyansi was entrusted with the task of providing detailed plans for the foam backfilling of the landings.

The complexity of the project was heightened by the varied land elevations, requiring the generation of specific sections and details for each park area. Despite these challenges, Voyansi excelled, adeptly handling the project’s complexities. This venture stands as one of our most ambitious to date, highlighted by the considerable volume of foam blocks delivered.

At Voyansi, we pride ourselves on our capacity to manage intricate construction projects with precision and expertise. The successful completion of China Basin Park is a testament to our dedication to excellence in digital asset transformation through BIM technology, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and quality in every project we undertake.

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