Nuclear Power Plant project in Nebraska


BIM Models, Navisworks Models.


The Nuclear Power Plant project in Nebraska presents unique challenges and opportunities. As a critical infrastructure project, it demands precision, safety, and efficiency at every stage of development. Our focus on BIM Models and Navisworks Models is central to meeting these demands and ensuring the plant’s operational readiness.

Scope of Work:

Our scope encompasses a comprehensive range of tasks essential for successfully implementing BIM and Navisworks models. This includes:

  • Architectural Modeling (Archo modeling): Creating detailed 3D models of the plant’s architectural elements, such as buildings, structures, and interior spaces, to facilitate design coordination and visualization.
  • Structural Modeling (Str modeling): Developing accurate 3D models of the plant’s structural components, including beams, columns, and foundations, to ensure structural integrity and compliance with safety standards.
  • Naming Convention: Establishing a standardized naming convention for all elements within the models, ensuring consistency and clarity in communication and data management.
  • Systems and Subsystems: Modeling complex systems and subsystems within the plant, such as HVAC systems, electrical systems, and piping networks, to facilitate coordination, clash detection, and maintenance planning.

Additionally, our Scan to BIM services are employed to convert point cloud data from laser scans into intelligent 3D models. This is particularly crucial for modeling subsystems across key areas of the plant, including the office building, turbine building, and heater units, ensuring seamless integration and functionality across all components.

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