Imagine for a minute that you’re a plumber working on a building back in the paper age, maybe right around 1956. You have three, 12” storm pipes that need to run through an entire 30.000 sq.ft floor. To complicate matters, these pipes are going inside a Lab. They are sloped, and the piping needs to be as continuous and straight as possible along the way. Oh yea, remember, it’s a lab, so there is a ton of MEP equipment, and there are a handful of beams that you absolutely cannot clash with because they are structural. 

It’s Monday, and you are reading this in front of a computer screen, so if you’re heart is beating fast, calm down! If you were in the first scenario decades ago, you’d probably throw up your hands and rue the mess of the work that you had ahead of you. Manual cutting, measurement, and fitting. It leaves a lot of waste, and takes a lot of time to get right. 

Today, like many other construction tasks, coordination has been gamified. Even the visual look and feel of Revit trades appear colorful, almost like puzzle or Tetris pieces. If you think back to our decades old example, we would ask the plumber: what if you could fit all the pieces together like a puzzle prior to lifting a finger? 

That’s a won game. 

So sit back this Monday morning, crank up your software tools, and dive right into your game of building the future! 

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