Rockefeller Center: The Possibilities are Endless

Rockefeller Center The Possibilities are Endless

We know you couldn’t wait to hear more about the BIM World Tour 2021. So, good news! The team is back on track and today it’s time to visit the Rockefeller Center. 

Manhattan’s heart is the Diamond District. Within it, the Fifth and Sixth Avenues surround one of the world’s most expensive and massive building complexes. We feel tiny while walking between these concrete giants, but there’s a sense of opportunity and wonder that fills the air around us.

Immensity 24/7

In daylight, the space is crowded with people rushing from store to store, buying all kinds of products and, consequently, contributing to the Rockefeller empire. At night, while still crowded, Rockefeller Center takes a twist: Top of The Rock is tourists’ favorite place to attend. The panoramic view that this observation deck provides its visitors with is priceless. New York’s immensity can be fully appreciated from this spot, and it captivates locals and tourists alike.

Skyscrapers everywhere!

In between all the skyscrapers that populate New York’s avenues, some stand out not only due to their height but also to their design and presence. The Comcast Building is a great example of a gaze-catching building. Its entrance, guarded by different characters, is not only immense but also imposing. “Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of that times” is as precise as it’s a sign of what to expect: A perfectly built 70 story skyscraper that marks the center of the Rockefeller Center. For us, AEC professionals, the perfect proof that with good planning, precise execution and a huge ambition, no project is impossible.

Concrete Giants: an architectonic challenge

Being able to see some of the US tallest buildings is a one of a kind experience. It makes us wonder what the limits are, what challenges were faced in their construction, and how they are constantly kept up to match all the architectural / functional requirements they must meet.

Of course, they require the use of BIM in both construction and renovation stages. Projects of this size can’t be encompassed by traditional methodologies. Plus, the amount of people that visit the Rockefeller Center each day is enormous, so the use of space must be precise and make the most out of each square inch available. Laser scanning and reality capture are the first steps towards taking the maximum advantage of space. So, if you are thinking about developing a large scale project, BIM is a must. Contact our experts to get more information and take your projects to the next level.

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