Shopping Mall Chain in Madrid, Spain

Shopping Mall Madrid


In order to streamline the asset digitalization process as part of the transition to BIM methodology, this Shopping Mall aims to expedite the digitalization of its assets. The goal is to ensure the accuracy of information for its shopping malls and utilize BIM for asset management.

Seven shopping malls were awarded, including Callao in Madrid (40,221 m²) and Pintor Sorolla in Valencia (75,940 m²).


Work was carried out in 7 stores with varying areas (from 27,000 m² to 81,000 m²), including:

  • Recording existing conditions with LIDAR laser scanning and 360° photographs.
  • BIM model LOD 300-350 of architecture, structure, and installations, providing an accurate representation of the location, size, and material characteristics of elements.
  • Parameterization to integrate information with the company’s management tools and systems, ensuring precision in calculation and treatment of property surfaces.
  • Parameterization for detailed inventory of maintenance-related elements.

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