Technology transforms lives

Technology transforms lives

We love doing our job but we get an extra reward when you help the community. The Center of Hope project consisted of making a series of renderings that allow the client to give life to the project and have precise material to show to future investors. These agents are a key part of the project, their resources are needed to make this project happen.

Covering an area of ​​631,800 sq ft, the Center of Hope, located in Orange County, is divided between an attractive temple and a condominium for homeless people. This series of apartments will be their new home, in order to provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual health that allows them to regain their autonomy.

Our team of experts, led by Cristian Dellizzotti, VIZ Coordinator, went above and beyond and recreated a normal day at this Center of Hope. Through animation services, the client was able to immerse himself in the immersive experience and visualize the impact of this work on society.

In this way, the objective that the client was looking for was achieved and their expectations were exceeded thanks to the proposal of our experts. We added the value that the project needed to obtain the necessary resources that allow its construction.

VR/ AR and reality capture technology allow surprising projects to be carried out and, in its correct use can help improve the quality of life of many people in shorter periods of time and with less use of resources.

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