After launching Voyansi at a time when most of the world was shutting down, we knew we had to be prepared for a new normal of how we would manage communication and support with our clients. In our case, our industry is better suited than most to succeed in the work-from-home paradigm. Virtual desktops, cloud-based collaboration tools, industry webinars are among many of the different ways we can continue to push productivity while also supporting the national and global efforts to maintain some degree of distance from the broader population.

One of our implementation strategies that has quickly shown itself as popular during this time has been our software training and advisory offerings. Our clients are also looking for opportunities in this uncertain time to continue to grow their capabilities in these circumstances. This being said, the Voyansi team was quick to dig into what a successful training might look like and then push it even further. Based on previously successful remote and in-person training, we determined an effective teaching methodology consists of the following four elements.

  1. Slide content: Concise and direct information that can be talked about openly within the training session.

  2. Documentation: Comprehensive texts, whitepapers, books, software documentation that provide the majority of the theoretical and knowledge component of the training. Participants have access to this material and can continue to reference it moving forward.

  3. Trainer-led demonstrations: Software or process demonstrations led by the trainer that allows for real-time explanations and further discussion.

  4. Group exercises: Group exercises that replicate professional use of the process, software, and tools. This work is then to be shared with the class to keep the group accountable to each other.

All these elements connect synergistically to ensure a broad scope of learning and practice which will solidify new knowledge and enable new users.

Using this format, we are building out more and more training modules per week, so get in touch with one of our BIM experts to talk about how you can use this time to upskill from home with Voyansi.

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