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Laying the Foundation for a Data Native Team

In my last post, we covered our rules for software selection and how we found the right pieces for our software ecosystem. Choosing the software is just the beginning, stitching them into a cohesive end to end system takes trust, effort, and time. Our teams have been hard building towards new workflows. In this post, we will cover some of our design principles around our data ecosystem. These keep us aligned in our goals and allow us to decentralized our decisions.

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Applying the Pareto Principle to Dynamo Training

Last year before AEC Lab rolled into Voyansi, we wrote about applying the Pareto Principle to software problems. To summarize in case you missed it, we discussed the fact that organizations can make large impacts by solving the biggest problems first. In summation, correctly identifying your largest “stones” or issues is your challenge. Finding the stone that represents 20% of the causality but solves the 80% of your problems.

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Building a new data ecosystem

2020 was a life changing year, and while some things may go back to normal, we took this opportunity to have a chance to return to better than normal. The change from AEC Lab and AEC Resource to Voyansi was more than just a brand change, we fundamentally changed the way we work.

At the end of the day, we deliver data. Over the next few weeks, I'll write about how we transformed our digital ecosystem to take our first steps as a data driven company, from end to end. We believe this is possible for any company where information work is the primary medium. Ever more so, we believe being data driven is a requirement to survive in the incoming competitive environment. 

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1943 Ford GPW

Reality Capture in your pocket?

In 1991, this advertisement appeared in print newspapers across the United States. This commercial for Radio Shack which ran in syndicated newspapers illustrates a variety of consumer electronic devices, headlined by a personal desktop computer for $1599 USD (approximately $3000 in 2020). Beyond the eye watering price of the PC, one interesting thing to note is that every single one of the devices featured in this ad has functionally been replaced by almost any smartphone available today.

This had us wondering: how far away are we from true Reality Capture in your pocket? To answer the question, we created a very basic test: Could our non-technical team achieve good results with off the shelf tools anyone could use?  

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2021, the year of BIM for All.

Leading with a Limerick

This is the first of many announcements we will be making this year. Our mantra here has been: Nothing is sacred. Go try something new. We know that BIM will change the world. More people should be using it. The only way to make that happen is to help everyone know BIM better. There’s no better way to start building awareness than a limerick, but first, we hope this has intrigued you enough to sign up for our blog!

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What if I told you it only came in black?

Imagine for a minute that you are in the market to buy a new vehicle? You have your heart set on a new convertible, maybe it’s a large SUV for an addition to the family, or it could be a practical everyday sedan. What if it did not have a feature we take for granted to day: a radio for instance? What if the salesman told you it only came in black? Many people would balk, and look for another option.

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