True partnership is our focus


A new way to tap into BIM expertise. 

What we co-create magnifies when our teams align. We adapt and grow with our partners as we change the built world. Voyansi subscriptions are a new way to scale your capabilities by building together with us. 

We meet with you to discuss your goals on an consultive, or support basis. Then we propose a team of resources that work hand in hand with you. For a flat monthly rate, you get a team ready to move the needle forward, whether that means moving from Cad to BIM; fulfilling production needs by creating 3D models; or helping your software team connect BIM with your tools. 

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Voyansi Subscriptions

BIM on your terms




BIM Champions are subject matter experts familiar with your domain. They help bridge the gap and are a direct conduit for implementing new workflows, learning new tools, or working in new ways. 


Specialists supplement your production bench. Need a Revit modeler to flex with your production demand? We help you stretch your capabilities with a deep bench of modelers, coordinators, drafters, and other trained BIM professionals. 


Our software team is comprised of trained architects and engineers who learned to code. Our team understands the full lifecycle of building data and is available to embed in your team to help you integrate BIM <> Your Process. 

Need help with BIM? Let's chat about how we can build a team to support your needs!