Services for Architects


A true extension of your office

Our industry experienced staff is your project delivery team. Our team has the technical skills and flexibility to quickly engage on any project or task you might require. Regardless of size or scope, we are here to help you achieve your vision.

Our Solutions

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Project Documentation (DDs and CDs)
  • BIM Development (LOD 200, 300, and 400)
  • CAD / PDF / Scan-to BIM Conversion
  • Standards Conversion to BIM
  • Content Creation BIM Audits
  • SD Development
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Services for Architects

Capabilities at your fingertips


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Staff Augmentation

What we co-create magnifies when our teams align. We adapt and grow with our partners as we change the built world. Voyansi subscriptions are a new way to scale your capabilities by building together with our dedicated resource teams.

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Renderings & Animations

We create renderings, first and third person animations of your project. Fly through key areas of your environment - from aerial to pedestrian views. Show construction sequencing, visualize sun studies, or use tracked motion graphics to highlight specific details. 

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Project Delivery & More

From concept and schematic design to design development and construction drawings, let us help you stay in control of your project from start to finish. Let us handle the production side while you take care of business and your client from the helm.

Have questions? Want to learn more? Speak to one of our experts.

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Victoria Ortega

Architecture Senior Manager


Meet our team

You are confident in what you do, but sometimes a challenge comes that's a little outside your comfort zone. Our industry is changing rapidly with new technology and techniques daily. Our specialists come with an extra helping of experienced “know-how” to lend the helping hand you need!

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Julieta Bertoni
HC-Demiryi Julieta-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Julieta Demiryi
HC-Fernandez Maria Jose-B&WPhoto-Rev00
Maria Jose Fernandez
HC-Gomez Maria Jose-ColorPhotos-Rev00
Maria Jose Gomez
HC-Machado Veronica-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Veronica Machado
HC-Farace Paula-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Paula Farace
HC-Torrejon Rocio-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Rocio Torrejon
HC-Michieletto Yanira-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Yanira Michieletto
HC-Bollatti Franco-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Franco Bollatti
HC-Bovo Carina-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Carina Bovo
HC-Gil Francisco-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Francisco Gil
HC-Flores Rarak Braian-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Brian Flores
HC-Porta Milagros-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Milagros Porta
HC-Perafan Rodrigo-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Rodrigo Perafan
HC-Scantamburlo Paloma-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Paloma Scantamburlo
HC-Castaño  Verónica-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Veronica Castaño
HC-Ponce Bianchi Dayana Erika-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Dayana Ponce
HC-Rivas Curiel Mariana -B&WPhotos-Rev00
Mariana Rivas
HC-Ibarra Camila-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Camila Ibarra
HC-Anchorena Maria Jose-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Maria Jose Anchorena
HC-Echave Facundo-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Facundo Echave
HC-Saleme Dario-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Dario Saleme
HC-Machetta Luciana-B&WPhotos-Rev00
Luciana Machetta

Our project portfolio 

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Our team is a true extension of your office.