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Libo Li

Libo is the chief operating officer at Voyansi. He's an architect, coder, and plant enthusiast. His loves talking about building teams and organizations that leverage BIM and data to the fullest.

How to tell if the software you chose is slowing you down

Every week, new platforms emerge to help manage every aspect of the business. There never seems like the right time to hop into something new. However, this week we'll discuss the other side. Understanding where your current software ecosystem is hurting your business. These areas can be hard to detect, especially when you've been running the same systems for years. Technical debt builds up beneath the surface, and before you know it, more agile competitors are producing things at a pace that seems like magic.

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What's your problem?

Especially in the last year, there seems to be no shortage of issues to solve in any organization. While we grapple with our internal challenges, we are also helping our customers transform their businesses. In all these experiences, a constant that we always return to is the problem definition. Understanding what we're trying to solve before we tackle it helps us prioritize and efficiently implement.

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Building a new data ecosystem part 2 - Implementation

In our last few posts, we introduced you to our ecosystem design principles and the platforms we chose. Implementation can always be more perfect, and just as we changed a lot internally in the last 5 months, the next year will hold even more surprises for us. We know you are going through similar changes, so this is  of how we formed an architecture for our data ecosystem.

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Laying the Foundation for a Data Native Team

In my last post, we covered our rules for software selection and how we found the right pieces for our software ecosystem. Choosing the software is just the beginning, stitching them into a cohesive end to end system takes trust, effort, and time. Our teams have been hard building towards new workflows. In this post, we will cover some of our design principles around our data ecosystem. These keep us aligned in our goals and allow us to decentralized our decisions.

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Building a new data ecosystem

2020 was a life-changing year, and while some things may go back to normal, we took this opportunity to have a chance to return to better than normal. The change from AEC Lab and AEC Resource to Voyansi was more than just a brand change, we fundamentally changed the way we work.

At the end of the day, we deliver data. Over the next few weeks, I'll write about how we transformed our digital ecosystem to take our first steps as a data-driven company, from end to end. We believe this is possible for any company where information work is the primary medium. Evermore so, we believe being data-driven is a requirement to survive in the incoming competitive environment. 

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2021, the year of BIM for All.

Leading with a Limerick

This is the first of many announcements we will be making this year. Our mantra here has been: Nothing is sacred. Go try something new. We know that BIM will change the world. More people should be using it. The only way to make that happen is to help everyone know BIM better. There’s no better way to start building awareness than a limerick, but first, we hope this has intrigued you enough to sign up for our blog!

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10 things you should know about Forge API

The software team at Voyansi spent the last week exploring the Forge API at Forge Accelerator Cloudville. It was an incredible experience coding along with the help of the Forge team. We learned a ton and walked away inspired.

Here are 10 things we learned that we think any company looking to incorporate Forge into a part of their workflow should know. Forge API is a powerful tool capable of revolutionizing the design process. To realize its full potential, teams have to adjust how they collaborate and companies have to change how they look at their design production process.

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