BIM 🌎 Tour: Brunch with Gabi Kozameh

Each week, on our BIM 🌎 Tour blog, we share stories from our travels. Our favorite pieces of content are those where we meet with other BIM professionals in person and share their love of the built world. Our conversation is always different, but has several key ingredients, the most important being food and drinks.

Brunch with Gabi

Gabi Kozameh is a 32 year old Technology Manager from Argentina that has over eight years of experience working at Voyansi and thinks of BIM as part of her lifestyle. Today, she is currently working abroad in New York as a consultant for one of the largest government agencies in the US. 


First, before we begin, the food:

No interview is complete without some great choices for food or drink. We met on a Sunday in NJ at Gabi’s house in New Jersey, so figured we should keep it easy for Sunday. What is simpler than a couple thick cut steaks? As the grill heated up and we drank a few beers, we jumped into the biggest topic today: Strategy for going back to work in person.

When your house becomes your office

Gabi, like most of us, has seen her home in New Jersey turn into her workplace. We actually took the train out to New Jersey. A 30 minute delay was a stark reminder of life as it was over a year ago. She often summarizes her view on home office through one word: “Flexibility”. Despite missing her office and the interaction with her colleagues, she finds value in being able to work while also staying at home because that means she can also focus on other aspects of her daily life. Don’t get her wrong, this doesn’t mean that working stopped being a priority, she is talking about how her job has merged with her life in a way she never thought could happen.

Starting last month, things started going back to “Normal.” Many of our consultants, Gabi included, are currently back in person one or two days a week. This brought up a topic near and dear to my heart: Punctuality.  We’ve already seen in our own business that while tasks are still  divided in hours, maybe they are completed before 8am, or after 5pm. 

Stay tuned for our full interview with Gabi coming Wednesday August 4th!

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