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Maximizing Efficiency with Digital Twins in Construction Projects

In the rapidly evolving AEC industry, the advent of digital twin technology marks a significant leap forward. This cutting-edge concept, integral to the latest AEC industry trends, introduces virtual replicas of construction projects, revolutionizing how architecture, engineering, and construction professionals approach their work. This article explores the transformative impact of digital twin software in construction, revealing how these technological marvels redefine design, construction, and project management practices.

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Voyansi y Arquicad anuncian alianza estratégica para revolucionar la Industria AEC

Voyansi, líder en soluciones tecnológicas para la industria de Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Construcción (AEC) y Partner Gold de Autodesk, está orgulloso de anunciar su alianza estratégica con Arquicad, un referente en la provisión de software Autodesk y productos relacionados desde 1989. Esta colaboración simboliza un avance significativo en el compromiso con la innovación y la excelencia en el servicio al cliente.

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Digital Twin of a Healthcare Center in Córdoba

Revolutionizing Healthcare in the Public Sector with Digital Twins

In an era where technology and data converge to solve complex challenges, the Municipality of Córdoba, in partnership with Voyansi, embarked on a groundbreaking project. Their objective was to transform the city's healthcare system through the innovative application of Digital Twins, a key component in Public Healthcare Innovation.

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Artificial intelligence is a constantly evolving field that has advanced by leaps and bounds and exponentially in recent decades. As this technology develops, so does the need to adapt to the changes it brings with it. The problem lies in the fact that the speed of technological progress is greater than people's ability to adapt to it. It is important to keep in mind that artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of society, from the way we work to the way we relate to each other and the world around us. Therefore, it is crucial to keep track of developments in this field and to constantly work on our ability to adapt to them.

This article explains theoretical concepts and provides examples for greater understanding.

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No more waste of materials on site: Manufacturing Facility Modeling

Let's talk about estimating costs for the construction of a work. When purchasing the necessary materials, were your calculations accurate? How much extra quantity variance did they add to their estimate? Surely once they found themselves facing a buyback situation due to changes and rework or simply they bought more because “better over and not missing”.

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BIM Coordination: The Key to Cost-effectiveness

Way behind are the days of visualizing buildings through sets of drawings. Digital transformation is here, and with it came many new tools and possibilities for BIM experts around the globe. Today, we can visualize a building through 3D modeling and geometry, and that’s not a minor thing. This process was designed to solve numerous construction problems like reviewing mistakes on budget, redundant construction, and the decrease of facility efficiency.

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